Abundant Communities

ACTS is a faith-based approach to alleviating material poverty through a ministry framework based on a reframed understanding of poverty, reshaped approaches to serving individuals impacted by poverty and a commitment to a community restored to abundance.

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Move from passion to action!

Mobilize My Church is a new online course to help you move your church closer to effective ministry with people who are experiencing poverty.

ACTS provides churches with tools to:

  • Better understand poverty from a holistic view 

  • Train and equip members of the congregation to respectfully and relationally engage in poverty alleviation ministry

  • Form alliances to address brokenness in the broader community

Discover how ACTS can help your church:

Ministry Profile: Begin a conversation about poverty

Reframe Workshop: Host a hands-on, engaging workshop to lay the foundation for being more effective with your poverty alleviation efforts

Equip Trainings: Build relationships across economic and racial lines to address poverty in your community

Customized Coaching: Gain objective support and tools for reshaping your poverty alleviation efforts.