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The Change Leader Alliance works to provide access to platforms for emerging leaders with lived experience in poverty, addiction or incarceration to use their stories to inspire, educate and advocate for change.

For decades, many methods to improve the health, education and well-being for vulnerable families have been created and delivered with a top-down approach. Experts in the field and government leaders are the ones crafting programs that impact communities in need. Those closest to the problems are often an absent voice when the time comes to generate solutions.

Neighborhoods impacted by poverty often do not have a system to develop local leadership skills such as— public speaking, community organizing and methods to advocate for social change.  We can turn the tide of our approach to helping, by bringing people who are most impacted by poverty, incarceration and addiction to the forefront of tackling these complex issues. We need people with lived experience influencing this work by serving on community boards, speaking in public forums and driving social change from positions of power.  

Think Tank has worked with communities across the country to fight poverty through relationally-based approaches. Think Tank has established many relationships with courageous and talented individuals who have made significant strides to transcend poverty in their own lives. Together, these leaders and Think Tank formed the Change Leader Alliance.  


The Change Leader Alliance has two engagement programs:

Academy. Change Leaders have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities designed to build their personal leadership capacity.

Advocacy. Change Leaders utilize various platforms managed or facilitated through Think Tank such as public training, public speaking(conferences), blogs, podcasts and public testimony (elected officials, institutional leaders).