From Isolation to Determination


Human life is multi-dimensional. One way for people to evaluate their life and evolve is to explore the Five Dimensions. Imagine the Five Dimensions as a tire or wheel. The size and maturity of each dimension will determine the balance of your life. The more balance, the smoother your life will roll.Website-Blog-3-WheelWhen a person has all Five Dimensions of human development integrally woven together, they have an ability to live a high quality life.  Holistic capital development happens when each area is dependent on the other for growth, balance, and support.How do the Five Dimensions play a part of my own transformation?When I ask myself that question, I smile every time. When I think of each dimension, (Spiritual, Relational, Intellectual, Financial, and Physical) I say which one do I need most? The answer is— ALL of them. Which one is my foundation? Spiritual. Which one am I most likely lacking? Physical…Why? Because I don’t often take the time to take care of myself like I should. I’m busy doing the job of a servant leader, in which I love.Before I even knew I wanted to be an advocate in my community, a series of unfortunate events led me on a path of depression and isolation. There, I had come to the realization that I was not just in economic poverty, but in mental poverty as well.  Once I allowed myself to be open minded, I became serious about changing my situation. But not just my own situation. I wanted to change my family, my friends, and those who I met on the streets—become radical. I wanted to help change the mindsets and stereotypes about all kinds of poverty. I wanted to make sure people understood poverty isn’t just about finances, its far more complex.I started off with little relational capital because I was afraid of people who were not like me, or who I thought would not understand where I wanted to go in life. I quickly realized that we are all the same in some way. That we all share a story and that most of us just want to learn from one another.  I allowed my circle to grow, my intellect to be nurtured, and I started to break free from the strongholds of generational poverty. Things just didn’t look the same, and that was a good thing.Each of these Five Dimensions are important in my life and has helped me transform into who I am today. My spiritual relationship with God helps direct my path. The important relationships that I have built over the years, which include mentors and friendships of people with diverse backgrounds, has helped me on my journey out of poverty.Today, I am in a place of growth, where I can share my story with others, a story of transformation -from isolation to determination. I am determined to let my voice be heard, a voice that was almost swallowed up by the giant called disconnection to life or isolation from opportunity.Today, I know poverty is more complex. There are more facets to poverty than just finances. Today, I help others explore the Five Dimensions to break free from poverty. Spiritual Poverty, Relational Poverty, Intellectual Poverty, Financial Poverty, and Physical Poverty.Christina TellisTo learn more about Christina and her work visit