Are you looking for a high-impact experience to help deepen your staff’s understanding of how poverty impacts health outcomes?



In America, the single most important factor in our overall health is our zip code. 

There is a growing awareness within the health sector that social factors associated with poverty such as income, education and location are strong determinants of health.   The Cost of Poverty Experience offers an opportunity to gain a glimpse into the lives of families in our communities who face poverty everyday.  

COPE is a 2.5 hour learning experience designed to simulate the impact of health disparities on families, neighborhoods, organizations as well as the healthcare system. The experience incorporates social determinants of health such as hunger, housing instability, inadequate transportation and social isolation. 

COPE is a tool that will help your team:

  • Deepen their understanding of the realities of Poverty in America.

  • Improve their inner professional approaches and connections within your delivery system.

  • Develop practices and approaches that will help bridge the health equity gap.

  • Build partnerships with the broader community to improve health outcomes for low-income families.

The Cost of Poverty Experience was an extraordinary event that gave us perspective on our community and the people that we serve. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our day to day lives and we can, at times, forget to pause and focus on our “whys”. The COPE gave us that moment to pause and refocus our priorities. It was absolutely amazing.
— Ben Carpenter, MBA-Director of Business Development, Grandview & Southview Medical Centers

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The Cost of Poverty Experience has been adapted to reflect the experience of poverty in various contexts. Please click on one of the sectors below that best describes the organization that you are affiliated with to find out how COPE can help you have greater impact.